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What We Believe

What We Believe

In short, we believe the Word of God.


The Bible teaches that the Bible is the true word of God. It is inspired by the Holy Spirit. This means that God breathed into the writers the exact thoughts and words they were to write. As a result every statement in the Bible is the truth. One part of the Bible explains another part. It is the only guideline for the faith and life of Christians. We are to read and study it diligently because it clearly teaches all we need to know about our eternal salvation.

The Bible teaches that the first man and woman lost the image of God when they gave in to the temptation of Satan and disobeyed God’s command. This brought on them the judgment of God. Since that time all people are conceived and born in sin, desire to do what is evil, and are dead spiritually. Therefore, we are unable to reconcile ourselves to God by our own efforts and deeds.

The Bible teaches the gospel. The message of the gospel is the good news that a loving God sent Jesus Christ to take away the sins of all people. This gospel freely offers to all sinners the righteousness that is found in Jesus. God offers and gives eternal life and salvation to all those who believe in the gospel promises.

Living Hope Lutheran Church in a part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). For more information on what we believe CLICK HERE.

For general information about the WELS, CLICK HERE.